Written & Spoken accent in Spanish

Spoken accent
Words that end in a vowel, n or s  à Stressed on the next-to-last syllable

Casa à Ca – sa                                    Imagen à I-ma-gen
Libros à Li – bros                                  Mochilas à Mo-chi-las
Amigo à A-mi-go

Words that end in a consonant other than n or s are stress on the last syllable.
Verdad à ver-dad                                      Nacional à Na-cio-nal
Hablar à Ha-blar                                        Atroz à A-troz

Remember : IF the word ends in Vowel, n or s ( stress on the next-to-last syllable)

Entonces: En-ton-ces                                          Ciudad: Ciu-dad
Nacional: Na-cio-nal                                         Muchos: Mu-chos
Pasado: Pa-sa-do                                               Madre: Ma-dre
Medio: Me-dio                                                    Hombres: Hom-bres
Personas: Per-so-nas                                           Familia: Fa-mi-lia
Mujeres: Mu-je-res                                              Respeto: Res-pe-to
Mercado: Mer-ca-do                                          Especial: Es-pe-cial

Los hombres son personas. Las mujeres son personas.
El respeto es la base de la familia.
En el mercado hay muchas madres.
El pasado de muchos es especial.
El mercado está dentro de la ciudad.

Written Spoken
Words whose spoken accent (stress) doesn’t follow this pattern have a written accent to indicate the stressed syllable.
Nación                          Análisis
Lápiz                              Tímido
Accents marks are also used to distinguish two words with the same spelling, such as the following:
Te à you (direct object)            Té à Tea
De à of, from                             dé à Give (command)
El à The (article)                        él à He (pronoun)

Accent marks are also used to break diphthongs.
A dipthong consists of two vowels that form one syllable. One of these vowels must be u or i (“weak vowels).
Mario                                       Viento
Cuota                                       Rueda
Whenever the vowels i and u occur in the same syllable, they form a diphthong.
¡Cuidado!  Be careful!                        Ciudad : city

When u and i  do  not form a diphthong, a written accent mark indicates this fact.
Rí-o : River                      ha-cía: he/was doing
Frí-o: Cold                      con-ti-núa: he/she continues
Pa-ís: Country                Ba-úl: trunk

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