Cognates & Synonyms - Verbs in Spanish

The infinitive form of a verb is the verb in its basic form. It is the version of the verb which will appear in the dictionary. The infinitive form of a verb is usually preceded by to (e.g., to run, to dance, to think). In Spanish will ends in -ar, -er, -ir 

Cognates are words that have same origin. They look and means similar. 

Synonym is a word or phrase that means exactly or nearly the same as another word or phrase in the same language, for example shut is a synonym of close.


Infinitive form in Spanish Infinitive form in English Cognates & Synonyms you can use
Ser  to be                                    Existir
Estar to be "now"  Andar ("to wander"/coloquial) 
Tener to have Poseer
Querer to want Desear, necesitar (to need)           
Hay  there is/are
Amar to love Adorar
Ayudar to help Colaborar 
Tratar de  to try Intentar 
Conseguir to get, obtain Obtener
Pedir  to ask for Solicitar, requerir
Necesitar to need Requerir, urgir
Vivir to live Residir, habitar
Nacer to be born
Crecer to grow 
Morir to die Sucumbir, partir, cesar de existir  
Sentir to feel Percibir
Doler to hurt
Curar to cure
Ver to see, to watch Observar, ojear (glance over)
Mirar to look (at) Observar, ojear, contemplar
Oír to hear Percibir
Escuchar to listen Atender
Gustar to like Agradar (to please), complacer
Tocar to touch Manosear (to paw, grope)
Tocar to play (instrument) Interpretar
Oler to smell
Hablar to talk, to speak conversar, dialogar, charlar
Decir to say, to tell manifestar, expresar
Leer to read
Escribir to write redactar, componer
Borrar to erase eliminar
Firmar to sign endorsar
Poder to be able to ser capaz de
Hacer to make, to do elaborar, ejecutar, crear
Trabajar to work laborar
Fabricar to produce, to make producir, manufacturar, elaborar
Construir to construct
Derribar to knock down destruir, demoler
Eliminar to eliminate remover, suprimir
Llenar to fill completar, saturar
Vaciar to empty desocupar
Pensar to think razonar, reflexionar, deliberar
Imaginar to imagine fantasear, evocar
Creer to believe asumir, suponer
Saber to know reconocer, comprender, intuir
Recordar to remember rememorar, acordarse
Olvidar to forget
Estudiar to study instruirse, cultivarse, formarse, prepararse
Atender to look after, care for, pay attention interesarse, ocuparse
Comprender to understand entender
Aprender to learn estudiar, formarse
Memorizar to memorize 
Enseñar to teach, to show (Mex) instruir / indicar, revelar
Explicar to explain
Acertar to be right descifrar, estar en lo correcto
Equivocarse  to be wrong about confundirse, errar
Ir to go dirigirse
Llegar to arrive arribar
Volver to come back, to return retornar, regresar
Venir to come
Entrar to enter
Salir to leave, to depart partir
Sacar to remove / to obtain / to serve remover / obtener / servir
Andar to wander deambular, pasear
Correr to run
Saltar to jump brincar
Bailar to dance danzar
Parar to stop detener, pausar
Esperar to wait / to hope aguardar/confiar 
Cruzar  to cross atravesar
Continuar to continuar seguir
Viajar to travel andar por 
Subir to go up/ to get in/ to scale ascender/embarcar/escalar
Bajar to go down/to disembark/take down descender/desembarcar/
Montar  to ride / to assemble / to copulate subir / ensamblar / copular
Conducir to drive / to conduct manejar / llevar (carry)
Durar to last
Tardar to be late / to take (time)
Cansar to tire / to exhaust fatigar
Descansar to rest reposar, relajarse
Acostar to lay down tumbarse (formal)
Dormir to sleep  reposar, acostarse
Despertar to wake up
Levantar to get up
Vestir to wear usar, llevar
Asear to clean, to tidy up limpiar
Limpiar to clean / to polish asear/pulir 
Manchar to stain
Comer to eat consumir, devorar
Tomar to grab or to drink agarrar-coger/ingerir
Desayunar to have breakfast
Almorzar to have lunch
Cenar to have dinner
Beber to drink ingerir/ tomar (coloquial)
Comprar to buy  adquirir
Alquilar to rent rentar, arrendar
Valer to cost costar
Costar to cost
Pagar to pay
Deber have to - must / to owe
Cobrar to collect / to get paid recolectar / embolsar
Gastar to spend consumir
Dar to give proveer
Quitar to remove remover
Recibir to receive
Perder to lose
Buscar to search - to look for investigar, averiguar
Encontrar to find localizar
Mostrar to show exhibir
Cambiar to change sustituir, modificar
Devolver to return retornar, restituir
Coger to catch agarrar
Dejar to permit, to abandon, to stop abandonar, permitir, cesar
Utilizar to use usar
Tirar to throw, to pull botar, jalar
Caer to fall colapsar
Recoger to pick up
Llevar to carry, to wear, to get along, to bring (a result)  transportar, usar, soportar/tolerar, encaminar
Traer to bring aproximar, acercar (to move closer), 
Enviar to send, to dispatch remitir, despachar
Poner to put, to place, to put on, to put down situar = ubicar, colocar
Colocar to put,to place, to lay, to hang poner, ubicar, acomodar
Añadir to add agregar, adicionar, incorporar
Juntar to join, to gather unir, reunir, anexar
Separar to separate, to clasify dividir, clasificar
Faltar to lack, to miss carecer, escasear
Sobrar to be left over abundar, exceder
Contar to count, to tell numerar, narrar
Medir to measure mesurar, calcular
Pesar to weigh mesurar
Calcular to calculate
Sumar to add up adicionar
Restar to substract sustraer
Multiplicar to multiply
Dividir to divide
Permitir to permit, to allow
Aguantar to tolerate tolerar
Molestar to bother fastidiar
Empezar to start, to begin iniciar
Terminar to finish finalizar
Abrir to open
Cerrar to close
Llamar to call, to name
Solucionar to solve, to resolve solventar, resolver
Arreglar to fix, to repair reparar
Funcionar to function
Estropear to damage, to destroy destruir
Romper to break partir, quebrar, destrozar
Cortar to cut
Pegar to paste, to hit encolar, golpear