A. Topic 1: Introduction 1.
What is the meaning of your name? (Không có file audio)
 Mark is a common male name in our country. This name derived from old Latin word "Mart-kos", which originally means "consecrated to the god Mars". It also means "God of war" or "to be warlike". Marcus was one of the three most common given names in Ancient Rome and the name Mark in modern time actually derived from that name. When friends say that I am to be warlike, I say them, ‘No I am a fighter.’ The part Arthur of my name is a bit obscured in terms of its meaning and origin. The meaning of this name is actually unknown. It could have been derived from the Celtic elements artos, "bear", combined with viros, "man" or rigos "king". It could be related to an obscure Roman family name Artorius if we look back in the history.

2. Why do so many people change their names? Audio
 I think there are various reasons for people to change their names. Some people simply hate their original names and think their names are too outdated. They want to get the feeling of some modern names. For some, this could be the reason of changing their identity. Some women might change their names after marriage or some might change it after migrating to a new country. Religious belief could be another reason why some people might change their names. Finally, some might change their name only to show their status.

3. Can you tell me about yourself and your family in short? Audio
Well, I have recently finished my graduation from a reputed university majoring Business Administration. I want to pursue my higher education from a large university in the United Kingdom. I dream to become a successful entrepreneur in Information technology someday. I like reading books, listening to music and travelling to new places. I like my father very much and he is the best mentor I ever had. I have a lovely happy family with 5 members. My father is working as a professor in a university and my mother is a manager in a private bank. I have got a younger brother and a sister who is three years senior to me. I have a very close relationship with my parents and siblings. We often go out to watch movies and for shopping. I have so many happy memories of my family and I will always love my parents for the unparalleled contribution and sacrifices they have for me. My grandmother used to live with us and she died a few years ago. I often miss her. She was a loving and caring person, probably the kindest and benevolent woman in the world.

B. Topic 2: Punctual 4. Do you think it’s important to be on time?
Yeah, I think it definitely is, because it’s basic manners to be on the dot for things. You know, I think you’d agree it’s pretty rude to keep people waiting, and so it kind of makes a bad impression on people.

5. How do you feel when others are late? Audio
Well I guess it kind of depends, because I mean, if there’s a good reason for being late, you know, like getting stuck in traffic, then I will not really mind that much. But you know, if the person does not really have any excuse and it’s simply because they could not be bothered to arrive on time, then I suppose I might feel a bit annoyed.

 6. Are you, yourself, late very often? Audio
If yes: Yeah, I am. And I know it’s a bad habit, but for some reason, no matter how hard I try, I always seem to end up being late for things! If no: No, I would say I’m dead on time. You know, most of the time I’m pretty good with being on time for things, because I always make a quite big effort not to be late to avoid being pushed for time.

7. How do you feel when you are late? Audio
 I feel pretty bad, especially if I’ve kept the other person waiting for a long time. So if I know I’m gonna be late, I will always try to let the person know in advance, you know, like send them a text message or something, so at least they know when to expect me.

8. Do you wear a Watch? If yes: Yeah I do – you can see it right here! If no: No I do not, because I do not think it’s really necessary to wear a watch anymore. You know, if I wanna know the time, I’ll just look on my mobile! 9. When does time seem to move fast, and when does it seem to move slowly?

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